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2019: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VII of XII

by Cathy Combs


Hard to believe we're passing the middle of the year already. What a humdinger of a ride it has been and still is. It's been very mild and still loads of rain with so many areas losing everything. It's a constant reminder to me to stay centered in each moment and to be so very grateful for all the blessings I am receiving. I'm in the process of moving and downsizing and what an adventure it is to see how much can be accumulated over the years and what a blessing it is to release so much I don't need and to give it to those who have nothing. I'm sure it will seem like Christmas in July for them and that makes me very happy and grateful.

It's a bright sunny hot day here today and I'm so very grateful for the warm weather. It's been so unseasonably mild and rainy and I so much prefer the warm sunny weather. I sure do wish the political landscape wasn't quite so hot and bothered! We have so much to learn about our inherent worth and dignity and our interconnectedness. Compassion and Kindness are such integral aspects of our spiritual journey as we look out upon the world within us and all around us! The weather is a playful and real reminder of holding the paradox of what is happening and what we would prefer. It reminds me of two of my favorite spiritual sayings by one of my very dearest friends, Rev. Sallye Taylor: "If it is to be it's up to me" and "There is a lesson and a blessing in every moment." Whatever my dream is it's definitely up to me to listen within and to bring it forth into manifestation and it is imperative to understand that all things work together for Good. It may be very difficult to see that in the moment when we are in so much pain but I absolutely know and trust the Truth of that statement. I have seen the blessings come forth so very many times. It's a rough ride at times and yet the blessings are amazing when they happen and so very often make me laugh in amazement when they do happen. I've told this story before of a moment that happened many years ago when I was going through a very rough time and someone I knew at the time said, "You look like you have a black cloud hanging over your head" and I said, "Little cloud of All Knowing tell me what I do not yet understand." I went to bed that night and slept like I hadn't slept in months and woke up the next morning laughing knowing everything is going to be fine! In a very short period of time I unexpectedly got a call and moved to a new city and the blessings and lessons unfolded. That story brings me to my next statement about Faith being my favorite spiritual Gift. My Faith in the inherent Benevolence of the Universe is the Attitude that keeps me going forward no matter what is unfolding in my Life. It is very obvious to me that pain is a vital part of Life and it is also vital to recognize it is imperative not to take it personally. Pain simply means I have more to learn and that I need to stay centered in Love, Compassion and Understanding. That is quite a ride to be sure and yet it is the key to a Happy, Empowered, Peace-filled Life. The opposite of that is an embittered self-hatred projected out onto the world that I want absolutely no part of in my Life. My Purpose is to live an Empowered, Joy-filled Life and to help others find that Path as well. That is a Purpose that has brought me immeasurable Joy my entire Life.

All of these statements remind me of the vital and vitalizing lesson of being an open and receptive channel to the Energy of the Universe. When we are open and receptive Life Energy can flow through us. When we are closed, unaware and resistant Energy gets stuck inside us and we get sick on every level. It has always amazed me how Energy works. So often I feel instantly connected with people I don't even know and we end up laughing our heads off the moment we see each other and other times I instantly know don't go there, they're not awake!!! That reminds me of the subtitle of Book II on Quantum Prayer that I wrote some years ago: The Power Of Balance and the Balance Of Power. There is a HUGE difference between Empowering someone and enabling someone and the consequences are very dramatic! Empowering someone comes when they can see that we are living an Empowered Life. Enabling happens when we are doing for someone what they need to be doing for themselves. We are enmeshed in their life and we are not at all clear about who we are and what is or isn't ours to be and do and this always leads to trouble for everyone involved in that dynamic.

Saying all that brings me to the next level of Understanding and Embodying our inherent worth and dignity. We are God in Expression. We are sacred and we are holy. Fear and separation are NOT our Identity. We are here to be a blessing and to be blessed in return. That is the Energy of Purity and Clarity. We do make mistakes but we are NOT a mistake. It takes great Courage and Awareness to apologize when we have hurt someone or overstepped our boundaries. That is Love in Expression. It takes great Courage to forgive someone who has hurt us. I have written about this over and over again. We have already felt the vulnerability of being hurt and it takes great Courage to step forward and say, "I forgive you." I have certainly read stories of people who have stepped forward from unimaginable pain and forgiven those who have hurt them and their example was so Powerful it changed the Life of the perpetrator. That's the Power we all have if we will just use It!!!!! I truly believe that is why we are all here!!! It's an enormous lesson in Self Love too. That's the bottom line. When we love ourselves enough we stay connected with Wholeness and Peace no matter what!!!! I'm still on that ride and I intend to embody it the very best I can!!! I have more to learn.

As I go forward into the rest of 2019 I know there are more blessings and lessons to learn and to share. As my adventure of moving continues to unfold I will stay centered in the Awareness of breathing, releasing, enjoying each moment. Some of my greatest inspirations along this journey are all the names I know and don't know who have experienced immeasurable tragedies and are still so openhearted and generous. That's the Life I want to live. I know that is why I AM here!!!!! Blessings to all of us!!!!!