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2019: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VIII of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a gorgeous sunny beautiful windy mild day as I prepare to write this article for you. Mercury is still retrograde for a few more days and what a ride it's been. I'm days away from putting my house on the market and starting a brand new adventure. Every day is a brand new adventure and I relish that most of the time but there are certainly some fascinating learning curves along the way. In the Goddess tradition that I so love we celebrate Lammas in a few days. Lammas is the second harvest festival in the agriculturally based Goddess tradition. Every day is truly a harvest festival of our feelings, thoughts, words and deeds. It so very much matters what we are focused on as we go about our daily lives! Lately I have repeatedly experienced how loving and helpful people are interested in being and then there are also the times where I experience the feeling that others are not even in the same book not to mention not on the same page with what I'm trying to say and do and that is painful and confusing. I know it's part of Life too and part of the learning curve we are all on together.

As I do my neighborhood shopping it's fascinating to experience how many areas I know nothing about even though I've lived in this city for most of my Life and yet as soon as I approach a street I can feel the Energy there and I immediately know yes or no about proceeding down the street. It is so very important to be present in each moment and it takes enormous Focus and Confidence and Awareness to be present in each moment knowing we all are Presence Personified!!!! So many of us have no clue about that but it is nonetheless the Truth.

A saying that comes to mind in this moment is "What goes around comes around." There are many renditions of this idea in the many millennia we have been here on this Earth. I am particularly struck by the many people who have accumulated massive amounts of monetary wealth and yet they are so very, very disconnected from their inner Wealth and Worthiness they kill themselves by drug abuse or whatever other method they use. That is so massively sad.

Then there is the exact opposite. I have friends who have gone to countries where there is massive poverty and yet the people are so resilient and so generous. I have experienced that too when I went to Mexico years ago and saw massive poverty and yet the people were so kind and generous and welcoming. It is so obvious to me that our inner connection makes all the difference in the world. I wish it were that obvious to others. If we want Generosity be Generous! If we want Love be Loving. We cannot receive what we do not have! We must have an Inner Awareness first and then all else comes to us because we are Aware that we already have It. We already are It!!!!! There is no greater harvest than that Awareness!!!!!!!! That's the game changer of all time!!!!!!

Saying all this reminds me yet again of the difference between Power Within and Power With and "power over" and "power under". Power over and under are both the misuse of our Power. When we are aware of Who we are as the Infinite in Expression we would never ever do or say any of the massive expressions of cruelty that exist in our world today. Faith and Confidence bring such massively hilarious and amazing results. I have shared before my experience of giving away my very last penny and the next day receiving far more than I gave away. I have shared before my experience of walking along and finding a penny in the street or in an aisle and laughing knowing that is the Universe's way of saying, "Got you covered, kiddo." It happens all the time and I never take for granted the Generosity that experience is signaling!!!!!

Another example of our interconnectedness that means so very much to me is that I lived on an Indian reservation as a baby and we were the only white family there that the Indians didn't steal from because they knew we cared about them. All the lies I read in our history books as a child growing up about what savages the Indians were and then as an adult finding out about the insane cruelty of our US cavalry and their examples of purposely giving the Indians smallpox infested blankets in order to kill them makes my head spin. We stole their land. We broke treaties. They live on reservations in abominable poverty and conditions and we have yet to make amends for our cruelty.

I have also shared before my experience of reading about women who have experienced horrendous cruelty and yet they forgave the perpetrators and met the perpetrators and were told by the perpetrators, "You saved my life today." The perpetrators vowed to change their lives when they got out of jail. These stories and countless more like them are examples of how Powerful Generosity is. When we refuse to return violence for violence we change our lives and the lives of everyone we touch whether we know them or not.

Another example of an abundant harvest is Trust. When we trust ourselves we trust others. We believe in the inherent Goodness of the Universe, in ourselves and each other. There is no cruelty in that process. I know there are countless examples of Generosity happening in the world in each moment and these examples change the Energy that is present in the world. I am so very happy and grateful for all these Expressions. They too are game changers!!!!! We can participate in the game changing Energy any time we choose to and experience for ourselves the harvest of Joy and Peace and Wellbeing we are creating. I give thanks in advance for these blessings!!!!!!!!

As I say that I immediately am reminded of people I know who are experiencing challenge after challenge and yet when I see them they are always smiling and are always so sweet and loving. I know partly it is because we love each other so much and we enjoy seeing each other and yet I also know it is because they are connected with their own Inner Joy and Peace and Strength and I am so glad that I am too. As I've said countless times it makes all the difference in the world and that is exactly what I am here to do in each and every moment!!!!!!!!! Blessings to all of us as we go forward each day recognizing and celebrating our inherent Worth and Dignity and honoring our interconnectedness in every way. That is how we will bring Peace and Joy and Understanding into each moment of our lives together!!!!!