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2019: Heretics & Heroes:
Part IX of XII

by Cathy Combs


Mother Nature has whipped up quite a storm today. Our power went out for just a little while and thankfully came back on so our food wouldn't be ruined. In a different sense I'm dealing with another storm and just laughing because I refuse to be pulled down to other's lack of Integrity. I know everything will work out for the very highest Good for all and someone honorable will come forward to be immeasurably blessed.

September is one of my favorite months. As I've said many times before September 3rd is the anniversary of when I threw away my braces in 1974. September is also the beginning of Fall on September 21st or so and I love seeing the color changes and the falling leaves as Mother Nature continues Her ongoing cycle of birth, growth, death and regeneration. We've had soooooooo much rain and it's been so unseasonably cold for most of this month and year it's amazing!

To say the least there are so many changes going on in the world and it's so very vital to stay centered and Peace-filled which is our very Nature despite all the fear-based nonsense we hear each moment. In all my work I continuously remind people fear is not our identity. Spirit is our Identity. We are Spirit in the physical! We are God in Expression. God is simply another name for Energy. We are Energy in Expression and that is why it is so very important to be heart-centered and mindful of what we are feeling, thinking, saying and doing because all of that is what we bring forth into Expression in the physical world that we see, feel, sense, hear, taste and touch!

I went to a dear friend's Spirit Fair this past weekend and the reading I got tells me my Life is unfolding in hugely expansive ways and I'm so grateful and excited to be in the process and go with the flow as all this Good comes forth into Being in the physical. I know that as I stay Faith-filled and centered in Peace blessings abound. It works the same way for everyone and I'm so grateful and I certainly wish everyone would wake up to this Truth so their lives can be exponentially blessed too.

Another thing I love about the Fall season unfolding is we are moving into the contemplative time of our growth cycle so we can sit with the blessings already present and give thanks for the harvest and release anything we no longer need or want. This is a hugely important part of the cycle so we can make room for the Good waiting to come forth into Expression. I love this time of year!!!! Without being Conscious of what we no longer need or want in our lives there is no room for the Good to come into Being!!!!! We live in such a fear-based world we must be vitally aware that fear is not our identity. I've said that already and I am repeating it because it is the Essence of freedom…… freedom to be our vitally alive Real Self!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this season I am also mindful of all the farmers who have lost their entire crops and fields because we have had so much rain and flooding in the area. I am mindful of the exponential blessings in my Life and the tragedies happening in so many places. These Awarenesses keep me forever grateful for the Strength, Wisdom and Peace I AM!!! These qualities are in all of us and we must be open to them, aware of them and we must develop and use them so our blessings can come forth. We must love ourselves first in order for all of that to happen. We must be Aware that we are Love in Expression. If we do not love ourselves first we have nothing to give because we are disconnected from our Essence. I have said time and again the "power over" fear based mentality we grew up in doesn't want us to know any of that because then their power over us is gone!!!!!!!!! The moment we wake up to our Magnificence is the moment we change our entire world!!!!!!! Then we go forward to be the blessing we are meant to be in the world!!!!!!!! This is the message I have been living from the moment I woke up to my Magnificence and Power and that is why we are all here!!!!! That is our Purpose!!!!!!!! We are here to be the Blessing we are meant to be!!!!!!!

After Mother Nature's amazing storm yesterday we are now blessed with another gorgeous sunny mild day. I feel this is a playful and Power-full reminder of our journey. Walk through the storm centered in Grace and Possibility and the Sun will shine brightly again. Don't be discouraged. Don't be hateful. Be centered in the Truth and Beauty of the blessings in each moment even when they seem to be hidden. They are still present and we must be Awake to them!!!!! Don't give up!!!!!

As I go forward into this contemplative time of year and the contemplation of each moment every day I AM Aware of the Love we all are as we live a heart centered Life. Being Aware of the Love and Peace we are at our Essence is the Strength that carries us forward in Grace and Peace. I am reminded of one of my favorite sayings by St. Francis of Assisi, "There is nothing so strong as gentleness and nothing so gentle as real Strength." I remember the first time I heard that and the feeling of Gratitude I had for seeing that quote. It is the very Essence of how I live my Life and how I always want to live my Life. To be in tune with the Strength and Power within us is the very Essence of Freedom and Grace. It is the very Essence of living the Spirit Identified Life we are meant to live now and always!!!!! It is our very Purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we know and honor who we are there is no need or desire to hurt ourselves or to hurt anyone else. That is the HUGE lesson being learned in our world today. The disconnections are so obvious and the need for Compassion and Understanding that are so vital for the Peace-filled and Peace-centered lives we are all meant to live is so needed and obvious!!!!! I never lose sight of this holistic journey…. Ride the wave and be Grateful for each moment. There is a lesson and blessing in each moment. This Awareness has been a HUGE blessing in my Life for many years. It keeps me centered and Faith-filled when I feel disconnected in any moment. I bring myself back to center the moment I feel disconnected. I breathe deeply and I give thanks as quickly as possible and I remember the Essence I AM!!!!! We are all this Essence!!!!!!!

I give thanks for this bright sunshiny day as I go forward this day and I wish you all Peace and Grace as you go forward to be the blessing you are meant to be!!!! The Fall Equinox is coming soon as we celebrate the balance of night and day in our ongoing journey. I love that celebration that honors the Balance of who we are!!!!!! I give thanks for the Peace, Strength and Gentleness we all are!!!!!!!!!! Blessings to you now and always!!!!!!!!!!!