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2019: Heretics & Heroes:
Part X of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a gorgeous sunny day here as I begin my adventure again on my new laptop in my favorite season of the year as Mother Nature continues Her surprises of up and down weather and plenty of rain to keep everything green and growing. I was halfway through writing this article to share with you and somehow hit the wrong button and everything was deleted. I was sharing some thoughts on Grace and Peace and Confidence and here is my perfect opportunity to practice all that :)

Some of the thoughts I was originally sharing were about my conversations recently with new friends about the importance of being mindful of our impact on ourselves and others. We are Powerful Beings. Fear is NOT our Identity. I have shared that realization countless times and I AM very mindful of how important it is to keep sharing that Truth. We are spiritual Beings. We are God Expressing in the world. We are Energy in Expression. We are NOT separate from our Good. We are Expressions of It!!!!!!! Matter and Spirit are simply two forms of the same thing: Energy. When we recognize the Truth of who we are our lives completely change. We do not consciously hurt ourselves or others. We recognize the Sanctity of our Beingness and we realize our Purpose is to do Good in the world!!!!! Along that path we certainly have many opportunities to express Compassion and Understanding for all the ones who are so disconnected from the Sanctity of their Beingness. Our feelings, thoughts, words and actions are all Energy in Expression and it very much matters how we use our Energy!!!!!

A personal example of how all this is currently playing out for me is I'm in the process of selling my house and finding my next place to be. It is quite an adventure in Faith and Confidence. As long as I have lived in this city there are so many places I've never even been and then when I find them I am experiencing the beauty of the neighborhoods and the people. It's quite an adventure. I believe in the Beneficence of the Universe and I've experienced the blessings countless times. I've also experienced challenges where I know it is time to stop and re-center and focus again on the Truth of who I AM and the Truth that all things are meant for Good. It is difficult at times to believe that when horrendous things happen and yet I know there is a blessing in every situation when I AM willing to stay open to that Truth. It doesn't give permission to do horrendous things and write it off saying there is a blessing in it. That is very important to understand. It means remember who I AM and stay centered in Peace and Compassion and Understanding knowing that these Truths are the ground of my Being and they are the ground of Being for everyone!!!!! Many people simply have not awakened yet to the Truth of who they are as sacred and holy!!!!!! Those of us who have awakened to that Truth must hold that Truth for them!!!!!! That is how Peace comes into the world!!!!!!!

As my journey continues to unfold I have no idea what will happen from one moment to the next. I simply know that it matters to go forward in Peace and Faith and Confidence and to live from the Truth that I AM Worthy and so is everyone else. That is how countless blessings come into being for everything and everyone!!! That is why we are here: to prove the Truth of that Reality!!!!!!!!

As I continue on this journey of Life I celebrate the fact that we are heading into the contemplative time of year where outer activity slows down, where our season of light gets shorter and where our weather definitely gets colder. I am so very grateful for all the blessings in my Life and for the many opportunities always unfolding. I know challenges will present themselves and I know I will gain what I need to know from them. As we move forward into the changing of the seasons and the colorful Beauty of Mother Nature I sometimes look to the shortest day of the year where it's pitch dark even before 5 pm and I laugh knowing that the Light is getting brighter and longer each day. I celebrate the ebb and flow of Life and Light in all Its forms. I remember that there are countless opportunities to be a blessing and to be blessed in return. That's another example of our interconnectedness and as we celebrate that Truth we are the blessing we are meant to be in the world!!!!!!!

I remember a time in my Life long ago that was particularly challenging and instead of viewing it as a negative dark cloud I simply said, "Little cloud of All Knowing please tell me what I do not yet understand." That night I slept like I hadn't slept in months and I woke up the next day laughing knowing that everything was going to be fine and in a very short period of time I got an invitation to move to a new area and a whole new adventure unfolded.

I celebrate the countless people in the world who are so brave and conscientious even as they experience relentless hostility for their bravery and their leadership. I keep them in my prayers and I support them in every way possible. I know they feel the Energy of kind thoughts and prayers that shield them from the relentless hostility and I hold to the Truth that eventually everyone wakes up to a kinder more compassionate way to think about themselves and to treat others more kindly. This also is the way that Peace comes into the world as we recognize and live from a holistic Understanding instead of a dualistic misunderstanding of our misperceived separateness. We certainly are individual and different. It doesn't mean we are separate and disconnected!!!!!! We all share one world together and it is precious. I'm doing everything I know to do to bring that Awareness into focus for others. I also know that no one can be anywhere other than where they are in the moment and that is where my Compassion and Understanding come into play and it's so important to remember that in each moment. In those moments I also remember the profound Power of consciously breathing deeply and centering my feelings and thoughts and actions in Love and Peace and Wisdom and Understanding. It's a HUGE blessing to be able and willing to do that and I AM fully committed to being and doing the very best I can in each moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you go forward into this unfolding season of the known and the unknown I wish you the very best and I send blessings of Love and Peace and Understanding and Grace to everyone everywhere and I celebrate the growth of Peace and Understanding in our precious world. I give thanks for the many blessings I have received in my Life and I know many more are coming. I will also look for and celebrate the blessings in the challenges that are yet to come knowing they are meant for Good!!!!!! Blessings of Peace and Understanding to all of us as we go forward together!!!!!!!!!