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2019: Heretics & Heroes:
Part XI of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a clear, sunny cold day as I sit down to share these thoughts with you as we move further into celebrating the Goddess's New Year that always begins on Samhain. The final harvest for the agricultural year has been brought in by the farmers and we are heading into the contemplative time of Winter. It certainly has been a humdinger of a time for me. I am moving to a new place and it is so fascinating to be doing this as we celebrate this New Year in a tradition I love so very much!!! Saying that reminds me of a beautiful song I love: "She changes everything She touches and everything She touches changes." It works the same way for us. We are Expressions of this Infinite Energy by whatever name you call It. We are Power in Expression and as we live in that Presence we do great things. Not being mindful of the Presence we are leads us to do horrible things because we are disconnected from the Truth of who we are and we think that fear is our identity and we feel worthless and we hate ourselves. We can change all that the very moment we reconnect with the Magnificence of Love and Light and Peace that is our true Being!!! We reconnect by taking a moment to stop and relax and breathe deeply so that our body, mind and Spirit reconnect. Our body and mind are sacred but in so many of our fear-based traditions we are not taught that. We are even directly taught to think of our body as defiled. The body is thought of as feminine and the feminine is thought of as "less than" in the "power over" traditions that honor domination and control and competition rather than cooperation and celebrating the Power within us!!!!! I have said this countless times and I keep saying it because it is so important and so obvious how often this is happening in our world. We can change all that by becoming aware of the Power we are and celebrating our countless opportunities to make a difference in our precious world. It takes great Courage to do all this because we are going against the status quo that insists on keeping us quiet and powerless!!! That is NOT what we are here to be!!! We are here to be the Magnificent Peaceful Presence of our true Nature!!!!!

As I go forward into my new adventure in my new place in my new neighborhood it will be quite fascinating to see what unfolds each day and what blessings I will experience and what challenges I will encounter. Every time I say that I am reminded of the Power of Balance and the Balance of Power. That is the subtitle of one of my as yet unpublished books. Balance implies that we are spiritually centered in the Presence that we are. We are connected with the Love and Light and Peace and Power that we are. This Presence is felt by us and by all around us. Even if people don't understand what they are feeling about us our Presence is Powerful and it is affecting everything and everyone. That is why it is so important to be aware that we are Energy in Expression!!! We are Change Agents!!!!! We are here to learn to Love and Honor who we are as Creations of the Infinite!!!!!!

As I say that it occurs to me yet again why we are so afraid of change. We are taught that we are supposed to control the outer!!! We are not taught that by being Present in the moment and by being Presence in the moment we can handle whatever is happening in the moment. We also are not taught that by being Present in the moment and by being Presence in the moment what happens in the moment is completely different than what happens when we are not Present to who we truly are!!!!! In the fear based "power over" mentality we are taught that it is wrong to love ourselves. We are taught that that is conceit. Nothing could be further from the Truth. If we do not love ourselves first we have nothing to give because we are disconnected from the inherent value that we are!!!! It means so very much to me that we all wake up to this Truth. My entire Life has been dedicated to uplifting, educating and inspiring myself and others to wake up to the Magnificence of who we are as spiritual Beings, as individualized Expressions of Spirit made manifest on this Earth plane!!!

Another thing that means so very much to me especially during this month when we are celebrating Thanksgiving is to be mindful of the horrendous things we have done and are doing to the Native Americans, the original inhabitants of this land. The Native Americans honor community, equality, interconnectedness, cooperation, sharing and honoring the Earth as sacred. What a different world we would be living in if we all honored these values and held them as sacred. Our political system would be completely different, our ecological values would be completely different, we would all be doing our fair share of paying our taxes. We would be so mindful of the Truth that what we do to others we do to ourselves. We would be sharing our wealth rather than hoarding it and using it as a way to dominate others. Hoarding is yet another example of a fear based life and a disconnect from our inherent Worthiness!!! Numerous times I have shared the story that I gave away my very last penny and the very next day received 150% more than I gave away. This Expression of Faith always makes me laugh because it is such an undeniable Expression of the Beneficence of the Universe. It is very comforting to rest in this Truth and I certainly try to live from It every moment. It makes such a difference in the Peace I always want to live from in each moment.

As we go forward together in each moment I also want to acknowledge that Thanksgiving is an attitude to celebrate every moment and every day not just once a year. Thanksgiving is an acknowledgment of our recognition of our Spirit Identified Life. Thanksgiving and Gratitude are immeasurably Powerful states of Consciousness. They affect every area of our Life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A grateful heart brings such Joy and such a Lighthearted attitude toward Life as we recognize our Life as such a special gift!!!! I so greatly appreciate all the blessings I have experienced in my Life and all the current blessings and all the blessings to come. As difficult as they can be at times I also appreciate the challenges because they expand my ability and my perspective on Life and on all I AM!!!!

I wish you the very best as we all go forward together giving thanks for the blessings and the lessons that come forth each moment. As part of my Gratefulness attitude I remind myself as often as needed to give thanks for each moment as is and I remember to stay centered, to breathe deeply and to relax and release anything and anyone that does not serve my very highest Good. I love that saying "There is a time and season for every Purpose under the sun." All things are meant for our Good as tough as they may be at times and as we look for the blessings we will be fully able to give thanks in each moment. That is my goal always because I know the Peace it brings. Happy Thanksgiving to you now and always!!!