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2019: Heretics & Heroes:
Part XII of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a gorgeous mild sunny day as I sit here still looking out at the beautiful Autumn colors that I love so much. In this gorgeous season as we move from Thanksgiving to Christmas I am so very mindful of how blessed my Life is. I can't help but think of the 4.5 billion people in the world who are living on $1.25 a day as reported by FINCA in a letter I read some years ago. I was horrified by that statistic. Any time I'm complaining about difficulties in my Life I think of that statistic or something else like it and it immediately re-centers me in Peace and Gratitude. I love the saying that "Gratitude is the great multiplier." This Powerful statement reminds me of what kind of Energy I want to put forth in my Life.

As I go forward this month I am celebrating the beginning of my second month in my new home. I now live in a beautiful, beautiful open artsy area of the city where the parks are so near and so beautiful and the scenery is so open and gorgeous and the neighborhood is so welcoming and peaceful. Even though I love where I used to live this area is a completely different feeling. I certainly am filled with Joy and Peace and Gratitude as I celebrate the unfolding of this new adventure.

I also celebrate the Truth that no matter where we are each moment is brand new and our attitude toward the moment brings forth blessings or challenges. The challenges become blessings as we focus on the Truth that blessings are always present in every moment because we are always Spirit in Expression and there is no lack in Spirit. When we feel disconnected from this Truth that's when our Life seems to unravel. I have playfully said to my friends at times when I feel disconnected I do feel angry and upset but I don't pitch a tent and stay there. That optimistic mindfulness of believing we are all inherently Good and the Universe is inherently beneficent has made all the difference in my Life. I also don't take it lightly that I know this Truth. It's quite a journey to Love ourselves and to know who we truly are despite all the negative messages that are so prevalent in the world today,

My Intention has always been to uplift, educate and inspire everyone I meet. I truly feel that is the Purpose for every one of us and I also know that so many people are profoundly disconnected from this Truth and that is why there is so much suffering, hatefulness, fear and greed in the world. That's a sad way to live and I want no part of that so I work on continuing to develop and live from a state of Gratitude and Joy and Generosity.

I also am mindful that tomorrow is the New Moon and that Energy always sets the tone for what is to come. A website I have been newly introduced to is and I love the uplifting empowering messages that are always in there. So many people are doing such wonderful work in so many ways to spread Joy and Peace and Empowerment and I am so grateful for all of them and for all of their work. I have said time and again how much I admire people who are so far ahead of the curve that they are written off as idiots and yet they have the Courage to believe in themselves and keep doing their work and I absolutely love it when their work is finally honored because they were correct from the beginning!!!

I am reminded yet again of another Powerful Truth and that is how palpable our Energy is. We don't have to say a word or do anything and yet our Energy is felt by everything and everyone. I read a fascinating study one time that said if just two people are in an 8 by 10 room their auras are touching. That's how Powerful we are. The first time I read that I immediately thought of the Energy happening when the room is filled with either Joyful or angry people or a blend of both. It makes such a difference how we show up in the world!!!

I have also said before how Powerful our Energy is and what an impact It has on every area of our Life. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually we are impacted by our thoughts, feelings and actions and the impact is very dramatic positively or negatively. Years ago when Gestalt Psychology came into being where it was recognized that our mind and body are connected I immediately knew the Truth of that teaching and the work that came out of it in the field of Positive Psychology where we went beyond focusing on illness and focused instead on the Power of our positive attitudes and what helps us to stay well. I am forever grateful for that understanding because it goes beyond just honoring the mind and honors our body as sacred, not less than!!!

That knowing was the advent of the holistic point of view and it has made a profound difference in how we see ourselves and each other. We are not separate. We are a community. What we think, say and do has a profound impact on all of Life. I am forever grateful for this knowing!!!! Blessed be to all of us as we end this year and move into 2020. I wish the very best for all of us!!!