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2020: Heretics & Heroes:
Part III of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a windy overcast pre-Spring day in the Midwest as I prepare to write down my thoughts and feelings here. I have had some amazing Awarenesses recently about where to spend my time and what I am supposed to be doing and it's awesomely amazing how Generous the Universe is when we step out boldly to be and do what we're here to be and do! I've made some very sweet new connections who are very willing to help me get the word out about my book and my teaching and speaking engagements. I'm very grateful that I AM bold enough to step out in Faith even when it feels so awkward. I know that what I AM doing is Powerful and it's important to let people know about it so they can be empowered too. I love being of service to others and that's what being here in this Lifetime is all about for me. I wish others knew how important and Powerful they are so they wouldn't be so disconnected and violent.

I know that part of my awkward feeling is still the message that we are to be seen and not heard. There is still so much sexism and misogyny in the world and the feeling runs very deep and yet I do know how Powerful I AM and I know I will keep on going to be and do what I AM to be and do and to keep on growing endlessly because there is Infinitely more to be and know and do! Going forward in that way is how Peace comes into the world and we sure do need more Peace in the world. I am stunned by how many suicides and murders I am hearing about especially in the very young people. A sense of community and belonging is so very necessary for Health and Wellness of every kind.

A sense of Well-being manifests in the body as well as our mind and Spirit. I AM so grateful that integrative medicine is becoming so well known and practiced so that this connection of body and mind and Spirit can be fully understood and felt. Illness is an example of the disconnect between these areas that is the direct result of giving any power to the fear based hate based ideologies so prevalent today. Happy people do not hurt themselves or anyone else. They take care of themselves and others. They honor boundaries. They are Awake to their Aliveness and Joy and Peace. That is certainly the world I want to live in and contribute to in every way possible.

A sweet example of the way synchronicity happens is that on the ten year anniversary of my book coming out which is this May I have been invited to a very special event honoring me and others who all used to work together. It will be so sweet to see people I haven't seen in years. It will also be so very sweet to be meeting in the beautiful environment where this event is being celebrated.

There is so much Joy and Beauty in the world and it is so very important that we are Awake to It and that we appreciate It so we can stay uplifted and strengthened and blessed in every way possible as we are meant to be! We are all Spirit in Expression and when we stay connected to this Truth we are incomparable blessings in the world. I have been Aware of this Truth for many, many years and it is what keeps me going! It is definitely not always easy but it is always possible as I connect and reconnect with the Power I AM. This same Truth works for everyone if we will just tune into It and Love ourselves no matter what the fear based hate based world seems to say. None of that is who we truly are! We are Love, Peace, Faith, Confidence, Compassion, Wisdom and Abundance in Expression. That is our Spirit Nature expressing in the physical. We are Infinitely gifted and strong and we are meant to be blessings in the world!!!!! I AM so glad and grateful that I know this Truth and I live It every day to the best of my ever growing ability. That is why we are all here and I sure wish everyone knew It. The world would be so much Happier and Peaceful if we all knew who we are, that we are Sacred and Holy and Special.

I have spoken countless times about the Power and Necessity of Self-Love. Without that Connection we are dead inside and can do no Good in the world. When we are connected with our Inherent Worthiness nothing can stop us. That is the message I want to share with the world every moment of my Life. Worthiness does not come from the outside. It is a given within us if we will open to It and honor who we are as Spirit in Expression, our True Identity!!!!! The physical is Spirit in Expression. The physical is not less than!!!!! It is our Spirit's home in our body. The holistic viewpoint knows this. The dualistic viewpoint denies this!!! That denial is where all our unhappiness and separation comes from!!! We reclaim our True Identity when we focus on our Inherent Worthiness and we honor each other's Inherent Worthiness especially when they do not see it for themselves. That's where our Compassion and Wisdom and Generosity is so vitally needed now and always!!!!! It is a HUGE act of Courage to stay centered enough to honor someone else's Inherent Worthiness when they do not see It for themselves. That's how Transformation happens!!!!!

I have shared many times the story of Immaculee Ilibagiza when she forgave the neighbor who killed her entire family during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. After she dealt with her own anger and grief she went to visit him in prison and said, "I forgive you." His defiance immediately melted and she even changed the Life of the guard who witnessed her saying that. At first he was enraged and said, "How can you do that?" but when they met again a year later he walked up to her and said, "Thank you, you saved my Life that day." That's the Power of Compassion and Forgiveness. It is always Powerful for us as well. When we live from an attitude of bitterness and unforgiveness that's how illness manifests because we are separated from our True Self and that's a death trap that we are not meant to live!!! As I said it takes great Courage and Compassion to live from that centered Awareness of Love and Oneness. We are all here together. What we do to others we do to ourselves and that will always be the Truth positively or negatively. Also what we do to ourselves we do to others!!! We must Love and Forgive ourselves and know that we can always do better. We must Love and Forgive others and know that they can do better and we must speak up when they violate boundaries. That is an exceedingly vulnerable place to be and it's a Lifelong journey but certainly a worthy one. I'm still working on that one J. The better I do with that Forgiveness the Happier and more Peaceful and Stronger I will be in every way. That is the journey for all of us. It's quite a ride and I'm happy to be on it so I can bring more Joy and Peace into the world for me and for everyone!!! Bless us all as we go forward on our ever unfolding journey to be the Peace and Joy and Grace we are now and always!!! I've made some very important connections of Self Understanding and connections with new friends that keep on growing and I know many blessings will come from these new opportunities and I AM very Grateful. I wish you the very best as you go forward as well to all the blessings unfolding in your Life as you continue to be a blessing to your True Self and all others!!! Blessed Be and Alleluia as we celebrate 2020!!!!!