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2020: Heretics & Heroes:
Part IV of XII

by Cathy Combs


I'm sitting here watching the sun go down on what has been a gorgeous day outside on an almost 70 degree day in late March in the Midwest. It's been an amazingly beautiful sunny day as we all continue to deal with the challenges of the coronavirus for so many thousands and millions of people worldwide. I'm so very grateful to be healthy and to not be one of the people who has lost their job. Even though it's stressful to deal with my favorite places to go being closed it's nothing like having to scramble and wonder how I'm going to maintain a livelihood.

These challenging times make it ever so clear the Power of Gratitude and the Power of staying Present in the moment and practicing deep breathing to maintain Connectedness with the Spirit Essence we all are. Another immensely Powerful practice is Compassion for the seemingly endless number of people who have no Understanding at all of their Spirit Connectedness and the Essence of who they are. They are totally fear-based and self-centered. No one else matters to them. That's so sad and it's aggravating if I AM off center. That's a huge lesson to stay aware of for all of us!

I AM so very grateful that I live so close to a gorgeous park where I go numerous times a day just to be outside in the sun and the warmth of the day. It's amazing to sit there in the sun in my car and it's warm enough to be comfortable even when the temperature is only in the 40s and I don't even need to have the car engine running with the heat on. I'm very Grateful for this blessing and I never take it for granted. I don't consider these blessings to be small in any way. They have a huge impact on me in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I AM exceedingly aware that there are billions of people in the world who don't have the resources I have and I never take that for granted either. It's sad how many people live in such absolutely desolate situations.

As we move further into Spring one thing I especially enjoy is watching the trees and flowers bloom. There is so much Beauty to see all around. I don't know what most of them are called but I sure do love the colors I see. I love to watch the birds and especially the geese flying through the air and I love watching the squirrels and other little animals scurrying all over the place as they go about their day.

As Spring unfolds we are approaching Easter and other traditions that people celebrate. The Spring Equinox was just a few days ago and that is one of my favorite high holy days of the Goddess tradition that I love so much! These celebrations honor the New Life happening within us and all around us and it means a lot to me to celebrate these traditions. It's certainly different right now because we cannot gather in large numbers like we usually might do to celebrate these times but our technology allows us to gather together if we know how to use it. I'm on a learning curve with that using Zoom and live streaming and all that and it certainly is nice to have all that technology that allows us to stay in touch when we can't be meeting face to face too much.

Another thing that is very special to me is that we just moved into the New Moon cycle and the Energy that this cycle brings to us. All the cycles are special because they all bring New Energy and new lessons for us to learn and appreciate as we continue our Life lessons on this Earth in our present incarnation. One thing I constantly remind myself of is that no matter how difficult a lesson may be there is always a blessing in it and even if we may not understand the blessing until we're all the way through the lesson the blessing is still there for us now and always. The Universe is amazingly benevolent. We're not here to be punished. We're here to learn and appreciate and to share our blessings with others. We are all interconnected and it makes such a profound difference when we are Aware enough to know that and appreciate that Truth. It makes Life so profoundly Beautiful and meaningful when we live from that Truth!!!

I was just talking with a very dear friend and we spoke of how challenging times bring out both the best and the worst in people. It is so wonderful to hear about the people who have vast amounts of money and that they are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to people in need. Any kind of Generosity lifts up the Energy of the whole world and that is so very important to remember and honor. I don't believe there is any such thing as a small blessing. A smile, a nod, a kindness of any kind can be Life changing and Life saving!!! I believe that with all my heart. That's how Powerful our Energy is!!!

As we continue our journey forward together into this unfolding New Year and new decade it will be very interesting to see what unfolds. In a few months we will see what happens in our elections. We will see if people turn out like never before or if people give up because they feel they have no Power and no Voice. That's another learning curve we are all on together. It is so Powerful and important to speak up and encourage others and to keep informed and do the very best we can to live Lives of great Compassion and Understanding and Courage. That is certainly always my goal and I know so many people feel the same way and I'm very grateful that so many people are devoted and committed to being the very best they can be. That's why we're all here. I've said that a zillion times and I believe it with all my heart and I've experienced time and again the Power of the Generosity of so many people!!!

As I bring this sharing to a close I AM reminded of a question I've heard in many lessons many times about being mindful of what is no longer serving me. We've all been hurt intentionally and unintentionally. That's where our Self Love and Compassion come in to serve our very highest Good. As we allow ourselves to feel the pain and move through it and release it and look for the blessing in it we serve our very highest Good and we make room for new amazing blessings to come into our lives!!! We hold to the Truth that we are Spirit in the physical. That is our true Identity!!! We forgive ourselves and others. Any time we feel stressed and tense we can remember to stop and relax and breathe deeply and re-center our heart and mind and body in the Truth of who we are. Amazing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healings take place when we honor the Truth of who we are. Blessings to us all as we move forward into new experiences that are always meant to uplift and strengthen us in every needed way. I wish you the very best as 2020 unfolds into your best year ever as we all continue to grow in Love and Peace and Understanding and Generosity!!!