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2020: Heretics & Heroes:
Part V of XII

by Cathy Combs


Mother Nature is shining in all Her Glory as I look out my window and witness the beautiful green of the grass and trees and the beautiful colors of all the flowers and budding trees. It's raining at the moment so there will be even more Beauty very soon. I love being outside on these beautiful mild days. I go to a nearby park and enjoy the Beauty and the quiet. It's so relaxing and renewing and invigorating.

With everything going on in the world these days I AM constantly reminded of the Power of Gratitude and Faith and Patience and Peace as the very foundation of the Spirit we are in the physical. We are Expressions of our Good!!!!! We are never separate from our Good unless we allow fear to dominate our lives and disconnect us from our Center of Peace!!!!!

The pandemic that is sweeping the world at the moment is a gigantic lesson in the necessity of understanding holistic integrative medicine rather than all the errors of Newtonian thought. Integrative medicine focuses on the Power of the body mind connection. We are not just a mind. We are a holistic connection of body and mind. Dr. Christiane Northrup is one of the leading voices in this Understanding. When our body and mind is working together we are strong. We are centered in Peace and Wellness.

Another aspect of our Life story that I have mentioned so many times is the difference of Power Within and Power With and power over! There is so much intentional misinformation clogging the world and intending to keep us buried in fear and that is the domination style of power over. The power over style is a complete disconnect from Self Love and Appreciation of the Sanctity of who we are as Spirit in the physical. Anyone who is connected with the Love that is our True Nature would never ever attempt to dominate by fear or to hurt themselves or anyone else.

The complete opposite of the domination style is cooperation where we honor our interconnectedness and we help each other in every possible way. Every act of Kindness is a gigantic blessing. There is no such thing as a small act of Kindness. Energy is Powerful and every act is Powerful. We choose whether we make our actions a Blessing or an act of hatred and disconnection!!!!! We are all exceedingly Powerful. When we realize that we transform our lives and the world!!!!! There is certainly no time like the Present to do that!!!!! So many people are doing such wonderful things and we can all add to that any time we choose to do so!!!!! is a wonderful inspirational website. That's just one example of how we can honor and celebrate our interconnectedness and transform our world!!!!!

Another way to transform our world and it is also the starting point of transforming our world is to transform ourselves!!!!! When we transform ourselves the whole world changes because our Understanding comes alive and changes!!!! When we start from Self Love we live from Peace and Confidence and Understanding. We recognize that we are inherently Worthy and inherently Good!!!!! We are Spirit in the physical. We are not separate. We are God in Expression. Most of us have been taught that that is heresy and we'll go to hell for thinking that. That's an insidious lie meant to keep us quiet and fearful. It means so much to me to help people wake up and realize that Heaven is a Place on Earth. When we wake up to the Truth of who we are and we live from a Center of Love and Peace and Interconnectedness we wake up to the Joy that is within us and all around us. Joy and Peace keep our body and mind strong and healthy. When we are strong and healthy all our systems are working together promoting Harmony and Peace!!!!! We are not overwhelmed by fear. We Understand that fear is not our identity. Peace and Harmony and Love are our Identity and we claim that Truth and we live from It and we promote It in the world within us and all around us!!!!! That's how we transform the world. That's why we are here!!!! That is our very Purpose!!!!!!!

As this beautiful Spring season continues to unfold I look forward to all the blessings and lessons that will unfold within me and all around me. I look forward to the opportunities to be a blessing and to be blessed in return. Living from that cycle and circle of Interconnectedness is always so fascinating and amazing!!!! I go forward in a Spirit of Peace and Faith and Confidence reminding myself to stay focused in and on the Present moment and reminding myself to stop and relax and breathe deeply when I feel off center and disconnected from the Truth and Spirit of who I AM!!!!!!! That is the blessing and the lesson of all Eternity for each and every one of us. No one can keep us from our Good unless we abdicate our inner Authority and allow them to dominate us by fear and shame and doubt. We are all Sacred and Holy and yet so many billions of us don't know that Truth yet and that is why we are here to learn It and to claim the Truth of who we are so that we can all be the blessings that we are meant to be!!!!! Shame and fear and blame and unworthiness are all the markers and reminders of our disconnect and they are all calling us back to Awaken yet again to our True Nature of Love, Peace, Harmony, Faith, Confidence, Patience, Understanding and all the many markers of our True Spirit Incarnate Identity in this Spiritual Physical realm!!!! As I've said so many zillion times before Matter and Spirit are simply two different Expressions of the same thing: Energy and it very much matters how we use our Energy because It is an Expression of who and what we believe ourselves to be!!!!! It very much matters whether we see ourselves as Expressions of Love or hatred!!!!! That is the Wake Up call that we are all here to honor and receive!!!!!

As I bring this sharing to a close I Am fascinated by the parallel of the reading I've been doing about all the archaeological research teams all over the world digging up lost artifacts and lost cities and lost civilizations all over the world that existed millions and billions of years ago and how this new information is transforming how we see ourselves. Our willingness to see ourselves in a New Light is always what opens the door to a New Appreciation and Understanding of who we are and what the possibilities are. One new finding that makes me laugh because it is so different from what we currently see is that Antarctica used to be a tropical rainforest!!!!!! I admire the researchers doing all this work. We are all searchers and researchers and it is certainly my Hope and Intention that we all strive to live together in a Spirit of Love and Peace and Harmony and Understanding so that we can all experience the Blessings of this exponentially Beautiful Generous Beneficent world we share together. I wish you all Happiness, Peace and Joy as we go forward together!!!! Happy Spring to us in the Northern hemisphere and happy Winter to all those of us in the Southern hemisphere.