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2020: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VI of XII

by Cathy Combs


There's so much to say and so many things to consider I hardly know where to start. Playfully I'll start by saying my birthday was yesterday as we begin this new month. I AM so profoundly grateful for all the blessings in my Life and it's just more and more astounding how Powerful it is to know who we are and be grounded in that Truth. As I've said a zillion times I never, never take that for granted. Do we want to live from Love or fear? The difference couldn't be more obvious what choice we are making. Two things that have utterly shocked me lately are the number of teenagers killing people and the new research that shows the sex difference between vegans and meat eaters. These are very different issues in the outer but the inner connection is the insecurity and immaturity.

When we are connected with who we are as Spirit in the physical we do not judge by appearance. We do not judge by fear. We live from a deep sense of Confidence and Faith. This Strength and Vision carries us clearly through every situation. We live from a holistic view rather than a dualistic view. We recognize and honor our interconnectedness and interdependence on everything and everyone. We are all here together!!! I've said that a zillion times too and it will never cease to amaze me how important that Truth is. My Life has been threatened numerous times and numerous ways and my Calmness in the moment has carried me through. My whole Life has been a process of learning and living from Self Empowerment, Self Love and Generosity. That is what Life is about for all of us and the more we live from that Awareness the greater our Life is. It is definitely a Commitment and a Practice. The benefits and blessings are Happiness and Peace. I certainly wish those blessings for everything and everyone!!!

On a little different note it makes me laugh to see Mother Nature demonstrating what I'm saying as we move closer to our Summer season. The weather changes so fast I hardly get the words out that the Sun is shining and then It disappears. Now you see it and now you don't. Nothing stays the same. The only constant is change!!! Another very significant weather story is we have entered tornado season in the Midwest. I have experienced these weather tornadoes numerous times and they are a combination of amusing and frightening. A few years ago I read about an amazing story of a person going across their street to a neighbor's house because they didn't have a basement and a tornado was coming. The house without a basement wasn't touched and every other house on the block was leveled to the ground. Life is definitely a Mystery in so many ways. Our job is to see the blessing in each moment. The blessing is always there. We must have the Vision and Faith to see It. This is an example of the holistic principle. I have read so many stories of people experiencing horrendous violence and tragedy and yet they came through it because their attitude was so focused on Faith and Wholeness and Generosity. They made it through their fear and anger and transformed their Lives and the Lives of others they touched. We can all do that. That is our very Purpose for being in this world of Spirit in the physical.

As we all continue to move through this worldwide pandemic we are experiencing it couldn't be clearer the Power of Generosity, Ingenuity, Faith and Flexibility. We are all very, very Powerful. I certainly know that not everyone seems to be connected with that Truth but it is nonetheless true and we can change our Lives in each and every moment when we consciously choose to do so!!! I have said time and again how Powerful a smile is. There is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act of kindness is huge!!!! Actions are Energy and Energy is Spirit in Expression. We may not see the consequences of our actions in each moment but they are there and they are cumulative because every moment is interconnected with all of Life. Many of us are still learning this vital and vitalizing lesson!!!

As I go forward into the last half of this year it will be very interesting to see what unfolds. What I focus on is an ever increasing Appreciation for all the Blessings and Beauty within me and all around me in everything and everyone. Doing that has a profound impact on everything and everyone. I say again that is what we are all here for and the more we recognize and value that the more Blessings we bring forward in every way!!! That's a sweet and exciting legacy for all of us to honor and consider. The wake up call is for us all to release any vestiges of fear and Self hatred that keep us disconnected from the Truth of who we are as holy and sacred. It's quite a journey and certainly worth the effort in my opinion. One of the most vitalizing questions we can ask ourselves is "How can I serve myself and others? What gifts and talents do I have? What changes would I like to see in the world?" As soon as I said that I immediately remembered a horrific statistic I read a few years ago that of the 7.5 billion people in the world 4.3 billion live on $1.25 a day. I almost fell out of my chair reading that and then the stories of how many billions have no access to clean water. That detail reminds me of a story I shared recently with a very dear friend when I said that every time I take a bath I think of the people who have no access to clean water and I never take for granted the easy access I have for water and so many other blessings. Saying that reminds me of another story I've shared numerous times when another very dear friend of mine shared her understanding that every moment is a lesson and a blessing. That Truth reminds me of what I said earlier about every moment being interconnected. Every moment is new. Uncertainty is always present and yet when we look at uncertainty with eyes of Excitement and Faith and Confidence we are open and receptive to the always Present Beneficence of the Universe. We can meet any challenge and we can give thanks for all the blessings. That's how I want to approach every moment!!!

I'll end this sharing with another sweet story that means the world to me. Years ago I was at a church service and a few minutes before the service was to begin I realized that the person who was supposed to be doing the service wasn't there so I stepped forward and offered a spontaneous presentation and after the service was over a few people who knew I wasn't the one who was supposed to be doing the presentation came up to me absolutely bug eyed and said, "How in the world did you do that?" and I just grinned and said, "That's what I'm able to do." I'm very grateful for that ability and I know we all have abilities that are a blessing to others and every moment offers us new opportunities to be a blessing to ourselves and others. That Knowingness is the Joy of my Life and I know It will continue to grow and grow because I will continue to use It and to give thanks for It. Blessings to us all as we continue to go forward in a Spirit of Peace and Faith and Confidence to be and do all that we are here to be and do!!!! As we continue to go forward we also remember to breathe deeply and relax and smile as we embody the Presence that we all are!!! Happy 2020 to all of you everywhere!!!