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2020: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VII of XII

by Cathy Combs


Here we are on yet another gorgeous bright sunshiny day in the Midwest half way through our calendar year now that we have passed the Summer Solstice. Our days are getting shorter one minute at a time each day until we reach the Winter Solstice in December. What is uppermost in my mind always is how exceedingly grateful I AM for all the blessings I AM experiencing. I AM exceedingly aware that receiving blessings is NOT a passive process. Blessings come to all of us as we prepare room for them by our active Consciousness of Gratitude and our Consciousness of honoring our inherent Worthiness. I have written about this process a gazillion times and I AM ever so aware that it is important now more than ever in these times of racist and sexist violence and unrest exacerbated by all the Coronavirus deaths and illnesses and the economic woes all that has created for so many millions of people.

I AM newly aware of the hideous legacy of this country and all the slave owning presidents of our past including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt to name a few and all the statues and monuments being torn down that celebrate our hideous legacy of the Confederate South. I am so aware of Mount Rushmore that has celebrated three of these men and it saddens me greatly that something so beautiful celebrates leaders who have done despicable things. The unspeakably violent death of George Floyd has motivated so many people to work toward justice and compassion that is SO very needed and it's so terribly sad that it took such a violent needless death to motivate change!!!!!

I AM also so very aware of our hideous legacy of our mistreatment of the Native Americans and how our ancestors drove them off their land and killed them and how that has impacted the Native Americans to this day as they deal with extreme poverty and all the misfortune that extreme poverty brings about as lack of healthcare and education to name just a few of the areas that so impact these beautiful people.

I am very grateful for so many agencies and people who are working so valiantly and generously to change all this and I monetarily support them in every way I can. We can all do so very much to bring Generosity and Happiness into greater and greater Expression as we learn to honor and celebrate our inherent worth and dignity. As I've said a gazillion times I realize that not everyone is raised to celebrate their inherent worth and dignity and I have said that that is part of our journey as spiritual human beings to awaken ourselves and be heart centered and mindful of messages that uplift and strengthen us rather than blindly accepting the hate-based messages that we may have internalized that do not support our inherent worth and dignity.

As we go forward into the second half of this beautiful year there is no end to the monumental blessings that we can experience and bring forward for ourselves and everyone everywhere as we learn better and better how to honor and celebrate the Magnitude of who we are as Spirit in Expression and to live out our legacy of Benevolent Transformative Beings now and always. That is the legacy that I consciously celebrate and I know it works because I have experienced the blessings of holding that Knowingness in my heart and mind and living it and sharing it in every way possible every moment.

As you go forward from this moment hold in your heart and mind what Beautiful legacy do you want to live and share as you go forward? Know that your Faith and Peace will transform your Life in every needed way the more you hold to that Truth the more quickly your blessings will come into being.

Know also that challenges are NOT meant to be a punishment. They are simply a wake-up call asking us to be mindful of our thoughts and actions and changing what is not working. We are all here to be a blessing in this world. That is our Purpose. We are all Worthy of living Happy, Peaceful, Successful lives. Violence is a huge wake-up call that we are asleep at the wheel and that we need to wake up and change so we can experience and share the Happiness, Health, Love, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance and Confidence that is our very heritage as Spirit in Expression.

It will be very interesting to see and experience what unfolds for me as I go forward into this unfolding year. Uncertainty is always an aspect of each moment and it is often hilarious how many blessings unfold that I did not anticipate. Uncertainty is also a lesson in Patience and Forgiveness and Release. It is equally true that Certainty is an aspect of each moment as this Certainty is an Expression of our Willingness to hold to the Truth of who we are as sacred and holy spiritual beings and that we are Love and Peace in Expression. Holding to that Truth always brings forth innumerable blessings and I AM so very Grateful that I AM willing to learn that lesson better and better each moment. My Willingness to Peacefully learn and experience every lesson makes every Blessing more and more accessible and makes Happiness and Peace more and more Present every moment. As I've also said a gazillion times it is the same for everyone everywhere. No one is more worthy than anyone else!!!!! Some of us are just more open to the lessons and the blessings and it makes it so much easier to live a Happy Peace-filled Life.

I will end this sharing by giving thanks for the gorgeous bright sunshiny day that is directly in front of me as I look out my window. I also give thanks for the wonderful quietness of the day and the Peace and Grace I feel in my heart and mind as I go forward now and always to be the blessing I AM meant to be as I serve this world that I love so very much. Blessings to all of us as we go forward in a Spirit of Peace and Faith and Confidence now and always!!!!!!!! Take care!!!!!