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2020: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VIII of XII

by Cathy Combs


This will be quite the adventure writing this article. I feel like I'm walking out to the edge of a cliff and looking over the edge and wondering if I have the Courage to say what I feel and know as the Truth when there is so much fear and misinformation being spoken by so called experts and so many others. Western medicine is based on the idea that the body and mind are separate when indeed they are not!!!! Holistic medicine and psychology and spirituality is all based on the underlying Principle that the body and mind are intricately inseparably linked and that is how Wholeness and Well Being come forth in our Life. Fear separates us from this Truth!!!!!

It is imperative that we think for ourselves and listen to our bodies and stay centered in the present moment so we can hear what our Inner Wisdom is telling us. Conscious deep breathing keeps us embodied in the Truth of each moment!!! It takes great Courage to follow our own Inner Wisdom when we have been brought up in a fear-based culture that says we are worthless, we know nothing, listen to the experts. The kink in that hose is what do we do when we hear the experts disagreeing? A key example in this present moment is the issue of wear a mask or don't wear a mask. The key for us to pay attention to is if wearing a mask makes you dizzy or nauseated or gives you a headache it means you are breathing in your carbon dioxide that you are supposed to be breathing out and you are not getting the oxygen you need!!! It is imperative for Health and Well-Being to pay attention to this message that our body is giving us. We ignore that message at our own peril. If I go into a place that demands that I wear a mask I create a space as soon as possible to make an opening so I can get the oxygen I need and expel the carbon dioxide that I do not need. I also speak up as much as I can to give people the information that they need to stay healthy. Another key aspect of this issue is the fear based notion of isolation when in fact it is imperative for our Health and Well-being to stay connected with others, to hug each other and to take care of ourselves. Staying in isolation weakens our immune system and makes us vulnerable to disease (Dis-ease comes when our body~mind connection is in conflict and not working as an integrated unit as it is meant to).

A key aspect of this issue is common sense. Common sense is a hugely important aspect of honoring our Inner Wisdom and not giving our Power away to others!!!! Common sense means for example if we are sick do not go to nursing homes, do not spend time in close contact with others. It means educate ourselves, do our own research on issues and listen to our bodies and our Inner Wisdom!!! Do not discount ourselves!!!! Another aspect of common sense that is greatly discounted and ignored and misunderstood is Courage!!!!!!! It takes huge Courage to listen to our Self and speak up when the prevailing opinion may have been in place for hundreds of years or even millennia. Progress is based on Courage and listening to our own Inner Wisdom and then waking up and listening and going in a new direction based on our Inner Wisdom and Understanding!!!!! I'm sure you've heard of the countless stories of the people throughout all ages who came up with new ideas and how they were ridiculed and harassed and even killed!!!!! People weren't willing to listen to this new information and have the Courage to let It in and go in this new direction!!!! Where would we be if no one was willing to listen to new information????? I sure wouldn't want to be there!!!!!

I feel very fortunate that I have always had an intuitive Understanding of my Worthiness and that I have always been willing to open to larger and larger Understandings of my Self Worth and Dignity and helping others to open up to their own Understanding of the value and necessity of Self Worth and Understanding. Another word for this process is Self Love. I have written about this process a gazillion times and I will always be writing about It and living It so that everyone can access this message and process and be the Happy, Holy, Calm and Confident people we are meant to be. We are Spirit in the physical. I have said this a gazillion times and I have understood It for a very long time and I AM very grateful because It has made the difference in the Life I have and the Life I lead.

Another aspect of Self Love and Understanding is pay attention to the way we're driving and interacting in our world. We have a literal impact on others in so many different ways and some of them result in great harm to ourselves and others. When we are centered in Self Worth and Dignity we are mindful of our impact on ourselves and others. We recognize and honor our interconnectedness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We care about this impact on ourselves and others and we want to make a positive impact on ourselves and others and do no harm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes great Courage to wake up and realize how fear based and hate based we are and to change our view and change our ways. Everyone can do this!!!!! Everyone can choose to wake up and live from Self Love and Understanding. As I've said a gazillion times that is our Purpose, that is our Heritage and that is why we are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we go forward into each present moment and the newness and the uncertainty that is always part of Life may we also hold onto the Truth that there is always Self Love and Wisdom and Courage and Certainty to guide us on our way. We are greater than our fears. We are Self Love and Wisdom Incarnate and the more and more we stay centered and relaxed and present in the moment the more and more the Great Truth of who we are as Spirit in the physical comes forth in every way. Every act, every feeling, every comment, every thought is Energy and this Energy goes out immediately to impact our world!!!!! We are amazingly Powerful and our greatest Joy is to realize and embody how Powerful we are. Compassion comes out of realizing how Powerful we are!!!!!!!!!!! Compassion is a Great Joy and Strength to embody. This Compassion and Understanding will carry us through whatever is happening in our world today. We are not helpless. We are not hopeless. Fear and hatred are not our Identity. Fear and hatred are our reminders to come back to Center. Come back to this now moment and be the Presence we truly are. Be the Blessing we are meant to be. Release all that does not serve this new Identity of Self Love and Understanding and be the Blessing we are meant to be now and always. When we see or hear others who are not living from this Self Love and Understanding send them a Blessing, a kind thought that can and will change their Life and ours even if we don't see it or feel it in the present moment. We are making an impact now and always and it is always up to us to be the best we can be. That is why we are here and it makes all the difference in the world that we know this Truth and we live from It!!!!!!!!!!!! That's how I want to live my Life now and always and I go forward in Peace and Faith and Confidence to be and do all that is mine to be and do and I wish all of us the very best as we go forward into the rest of 2020 and beyond to experience the Love and Joy and Peace and Wisdom and Well Being that are always Present in each moment as we are open and receptive to receiving these Blessings that are ours to Enjoy and Share!!!! Blessings to you now and always!!!!!!!!!!!!