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2020: Heretics & Heroes:
Part IX of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a gorgeous sunny toasty day here as I begin this sharing with you as we head into my favorite time of year. September is a very special month for me. September 3 is the 46 year anniversary of throwing my braces away. It was a very momentous decision declaring my freedom from someone else's point of view.

September is also the beginning of the Fall with all its beautiful colors and mild weather. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love to watch the colors change. The trees and shrubs are so beautiful as the red and orange and yellow and purple become so visible.

It will also be very interesting to see how the pandemic situation continues to unfold. In so many ways it is a shamdemic with all the deliberate misinformation being spread and all the continuing political fear-based hate-based rhetoric . I so admire all the people in all the different fields trying so valiantly to speak the Truth and to come from a holistic Understanding of the Power of the body mind Spirit interconnectedness. I have spoken and written time and time again of the Power within us all and the value and necessity of cooperation and the realization of our interconnectedness. What we do to one we do to all and we definitely have a choice whether we live from Love or fear. The consequences couldn't be clearer which choice we make!!!!!

We are social beings and our immune system thrives on the hugs and touches we give and receive. The fear-based isolation that is being promoted is a huge mistake and we need to be aware of that. We simply need to be mindful of what we are doing and where we are going. If we are sick, stay home. If we are well it is perfectly safe to be out and about and in small groups.

We need to pay attention to where we are getting our information. So much of big business and media is based on greed and deliberate misinformation to keep us in fear and ignorant of our highest Good. So many people are so disconnected from their inherent worth and dignity they think that power over others is the way to go instead of realizing that loving ourselves is the way to Joy and Peace and Understanding!!!!!! It certainly takes some work and it is certainly worth the effort. As I've said a zillion times that is why we are here!!!!! We are here to be the true Essence of who we truly are as Spirit Incarnate!!!!! I know that is not the message that so many of us received as we were growing up but it is nonetheless true. We are Spirit Incarnate. We are Love in Action. We are game changers and it is up to us to decide what kind of difference we will make in the world. It is the greatest Gift we can give to ourselves and each other. We are the ones who get to decide who and what we will be now and always!!!!! It's the work I have done all my Life and it's the work I will continue to do now and always!!!!

As we go forward into this day, this month, this year and beyond there are so many opportunities unfolding for all of us if we will just be open and receptive to them so we can see and hear and feel and accept them. As I have also said so many times breathing deeply and consciously in each moment keeps us grounded in the present moment and in the Presence we truly are!!!! In that state of Awakeness we cannot be ruled by fear!!!!! We can only be the Presence of Peace that we truly are!!!

I wrote an article about this process in the online August 2020 edition of Evolving Magazine titled, “Our Greatest Gift: Our heart~mind connection. This is the message I want to continue to give to myself and to the whole world. We live in such a beautiful physical world if we will just have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the heart to share. No one is in the way but us when we give our Power away by not loving ourselves. If we give our Power away everything and everyone seems to be in the way because we are not seeing, hearing, thinking or feeling clearly in a way that serves our very highest Good.

As I have also said before another message many of us have mistakenly received as children is that others come first. The underlying message in those words is you don't matter. What we need to understand is that if we don't value ourselves we have nothing to give!!!! That is a hugely important Awareness!!! Selfishness is based in fear and is a disconnect from our true value. Self Awareness is based in Love and a true connection to our Spirit Identity. What we also need to understand in this message is that giving and receiving are equally important!!! If we do not give we cannot receive and if we do not receive we cannot truly give in a Spirit of Generosity and Equality.

Another piece of our Life process is how do we deal with uncertainty? Do we live from Love and Connectedness or do we live from fear and disconnectedness? Is each day filled with Joy and Excitement and Wonder or is each day filled with dread and fear? Certainly there are challenges to be faced and unknowns to deal with and our greatest Gift is to see these challenges as our growing edge and a Gift in disguise because when we learn to handle them with Grace and Dignity we are forever blessed and strengthened. It definitely takes Courage and our reward is truly Peace and Understanding. An absolute necessity in our Life process is Gratitude. Even in the challenges when we can move through the moment the best we can we are strengthened and blessed. Giving thanks for the blessings we receive increases the flow of blessings to us. We are Energy fields in Expression. It so very much matters what Energy we put out because It impacts others and It comes back to us magnified many times over.

I look forward to the many unfolding moments yet to be and I know I will continue to grow in a Spirit of Peace and Faith and Confidence because those values and blessings mean the world to me. I wish you the very best as your world continues to unfold for you. I look forward to seeing where we all are a month from now when I write my next article to share with you. I appreciate this opportunity to do something that means the world to me. I never take for granted the blessing we are to ourselves and each other when we are being and doing what we love!!!!! Blessings to you!!!!!