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2020: Heretics & Heroes:
Part X of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a beautiful mild windy sunny day as we move closer and closer to the end of 2020. What a year it's been on sooooooooo many levels. Who could've anticipated this horrendous virus that has killed so many and all the violence that has come from people feeling so stressed and frightened. These times are a tremendous call for Wisdom, Love and Courage on unprecedented levels. It means so very much to me to be a facilitator of the Love and Wisdom and Courage that is needed at any time. I've certainly felt the pain of the isolation and the stress and yet thankfully I AM in tune with the zillion blessings that are always the fabric of my Life. Knowing who we are is the vehicle for staying in tune with who we are and it is an immeasurable blessing to honor this Truth and to live from It so we can stay calm and centered when challenges arise as they often do.

This month is very special to me as we celebrate the Goddess's New Year on what others call Halloween. The Goddess tradition is an agricultural holistic tradition that honors the sacredness in all Life. It is a tradition based on interconnectedness and oneness and equality. It is a Unitive tradition not a divisive tradition. Everyone is welcome and honored. It is based on Oneness not fear and separation. I'm sure I've said this in different ways a zillion times and it is so necessary to keep saying it so people get the message that they are sacred and holy!!!! When people recognize this Truth they do not resort to violence because they are not ruled by fear. They are centered in Love and Peace and Wholeness!!!

As I share these ideas I am reminded of a book I read years ago titled "The Wisdom Of Insecurity" by Alan Watts. The message is every moment is brand new. No one knows what the next moment holds. Be focused in the present, not the past, and not the future. It takes Courage and Awareness to be focused in the present. I've said that a zillion times and I've certainly experienced the Power of being focused in the present and I've experienced the disconnect when I'm focused in the past or the future. As I've also said a zillion times it makes a gigantic difference what we are focused on in any given moment. Our focus creates our reality in each moment!!!

As we go forward in 2020 I want to honor the Power of Awe and Wonder. We are entering the dark time of the year where the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and darker. We are heading toward Christmas and so many other special celebrations of different traditions where we can experience newness and community in so many ways as we stay open to Love and Understanding and Oneness. Oneness helps us so much to see and honor our connectedness and our opportunity to make new friends and share so many blessings. I also want to make clear that I view darkness as beautiful, not the dualistic misconception of evil. Without the darkness we could not see the stars and I love the stars. They are so beautiful. The holistic traditions recognize the full spectrum of Light which is both Dark and Light and all the shades in between!!!!! I've met people from all over the world as I've lived in different places and have had so many awesomely wonderful experiences forging new friendships and being helped in so many beautiful and unexpected ways. Yet again that is the Power of Newness and Oneness and Awe and Wonder!!!! Each moment is filled with so much Beauty if we just have eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart to honor and understand!!!

Something else I just thought of is all the calendars I have received from so many of the places I support and what a sweet experience it is to give them away and share them with others so they can have something useful and beautiful. I love the pictures on the calendars. They are so beautiful and interesting as they show so many different people and places. It is yet another way to experience Oneness and the possibilities of Awe and Wonder and Newness. It also brings me great Joy to do something so simple and genuine.

Another simple and yet gigantic blessing I have experienced lately is listening to all different types of music on YouTube. In this time where we seem to be so isolated and limited it has been a gigantic blessing to have access to all this music and to have the opportunity to go out and about and be mindful of the ability to still make connections with people in a safe respectful manner. It also means so much to me to keep sharing information that counters all the fear based misinformation being deliberately spread to keep people disempowered and afraid. Yet again as I've said a zillion times it means so much to me to Empower people and help them know how wonderful and beautiful they are and can be even if their entire Life has seemed to indicate otherwise. Once we connect with the Truth that we are Spirit Incarnate we change all the disconnectedness and loneliness and self-hatred that is not a reflection of who we really are. We are Love and Wisdom in Expression and our entire world changes when we know that, honor that and live from that Truth each moment and we help change everything and everyone around us!!! That Truth is so very Uplifting and Beautiful!!!!! I never take It for granted!!!

I'll end this sharing on a sweet unexpected note and a very personal one. When I sat down at my laptop and considered what do I do next I was a little mystified to consider writing my article because I wasn't feeling very centered or uplifted and yet choosing to write my article now and just letting the feelings and ideas flow has completely changed how I feel and I feel so Uplifted and Light and Grateful. I'm looking directly into the Sun and it feels so beautiful and wonderful to be sitting here enjoying the quietness and the Beauty of what I love to do!!!!!

I wish you all the very best as we round out this amazing year of 2020 and we go forward in the very best way we can to honor and uplift ourselves and each other as we connect more and more with who we are and what we are here to do!!!!! We are Spirit Incarnate and we are here to be the blessing in the world that we are meant to be!!!! I know that so many people don't recognize that yet and now is always our opportunity to be the Love and the Light and show the way to a Life of Peace and Joy and Understanding. Bless us all as we go forward and bring Peace and Love and Understanding into this Beautiful world that we all share together!!!!!!!!! Take care!!!!!