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2021: Heretics & Heroes:
Part II of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's always interesting to see and feel what lessons I am going to learn as I continue to write my articles and share my thoughts and feelings with you. I feel like I'm on a huge learning curve now and it's very uplifting and encouraging and to say the very least enlightening. I've written a zillion times about our Oneness and I had a fascinating Awareness today and I think I've even said it before and it points in a huge way to our Oneness. It truly occurred to me today that there is no chicken without the egg and there is no egg without the chicken. Somehow they are both here at the same time. It's not an either or phenomenon it's a both and phenomenon.

In a different way it also occurred to me what a HUGE blessing Empathy is. When we embody Empathy we embody Oneness. We live from Love and Generosity and Openness not fear and disconnection and separateness. To say the very least the outcome is HUGELY different for ourselves and all others. We're on that roller coaster ride now perhaps more so than ever before. When I respond from Empathy rather than react from fear my feeling and response are totally, totally different!!! A connection is made rather than continuing the harmful disconnect. Both people are changed for the better!!!

Another blessing and lesson that means so very much to me is the Power of Faith and Patience and how they both relate to Empathy and the Embodiment of Peace, and how all that is an Expression of our Presence as Spirit Incarnate. As I've said a zillion times every moment is new. We don't know what is going to happen from moment to moment. The only constant is change!!! As we Lightheartedly cherish that Truth we go forward uplifted, blessed and strengthened in every needed way because we are filled with Peace and Faith and Confidence. As I've also said a zillion times I love the spiritual qualities of Peace and Faith and Confidence. They are so calming and centering. We see and feel and hear clearly when we are centered in the bedrock of who we truly are!!!

Another piece of that Infinite puzzle is accepting things as they are. This is a very active process, not at all a passive process. It means awakening to what is, not wishing to go back to the past or rush forward into the future but to be wide Awake and Alert to the Present and the Presence we are. As I've also said a zillion times a very dear friend said to me in the past that there is a lesson and blessing in every moment and I certainly wholeheartedly believe that and understand that. Sometimes the blessing seems buried under a mountain of pain but the blessing is still there and when we open to that Truth we are immeasurably blessed. As I say that I hear that that is where the Principle of Empathy comes in to play: Empathy for our self and Empathy for others. Even if the incident is meant to be hurtful if we can be centered enough to see and feel the blessing we are immeasurably strengthened. It's quite a journey to come from that place but it is definitely possible and invaluable to our spiritual journey!!! Throughout my Life I have seen and felt a zillion times that I would never ever want to be living the lives I've seen others living. They are so mean and hateful and disconnected and I can't imagine living that way. That's where Empathy is such an invaluable blessing for all of us. Bless them and release them and then we all go forward in Peace even if we don't realize the blessing in the moment!!!

2021 will be quite an adventure in so many ways. Yesterday I experienced a very sweet blessing that I had no idea was coming. Someone who I greatly respect and admire has moved into the metro area and we have connected again and will continue to connect in many as yet unknown ways and I AM so grateful for this blessing and for so many other blessings I have received lately and every day.

On that note the greatest blessing of all blessings is to know who we are as Spirit Incarnate, that we value our True Self and from that Perspective we are the Embodiment of Peace and Faith and Confidence and we handle every moment with Grace and Gentleness and we change the world for the Highest Good that is always Present and meant to be!!! It's a continuous journey and opportunity and that's why we are all here. I certainly know that billions of people are not at all aware of that Truth and that's why we are all here together to hold the High Watch and to show the Way with Grace and Truth and Gentleness so that the Peace and Faith and Confidence within us can come forth in all Its shining Glory!!! As I've also said before I know it doesn't seem like an easy journey but it sure is worth the effort!!!!! I know that with all my heart even when I'm frustrated out of my wits trying to stay connected with the Truth of who I AM. I've certainly been there many times lately throughout the pandemic and yet I also realize I AM immeasurably blessed in so many ways and I AM so very grateful for all the blessings and the lessons!!!! The lessons always help me appreciate the blessings even more!!!

As I go forward in 2021 it will sure be interesting to see and feel what blessings and lessons I encounter. I will remember time and again to breathe deeply and be thankful for who I AM as I AM and go forward in an ever increasing Awareness and Embodiment of Peace and Faith and Confidence and the Strength that all of that allows to shine forth!!! I certainly wish the same blessings for everyone everywhere as we continue our journey together as One even when we don't realize or feel our Oneness It is still there waiting for us to awaken to the blessing of who we truly are and why we are all here together. Blessings to us all as we travel this cherished, sacred road together. I wish us all the very best of Peace and Faith and Confidence and Happiness.

One final comment as I get ready to end this article is a sweet Awareness I had recently about asking my friends for help in getting the word out about my book and my website. It's not at all about money. It's about sharing the blessings of Upliftment and Empowerment that are so very needed in our world today. If people don't know what is available to them they can't receive the benefit of the blessings that are present in the world. It means so very much to me to help people be uplifted, strengthened and blessed. That has always been and always will be my Purpose in Life. As I've also said a zillion times first we must do that for our self and then we genuinely have something to give to others because we are already embodying the Truth of who we are!!!! A world based on fear and power over others doesn't value this Truth at all and certainly doesn't want it known at all. That's why the work of Empowerment means so much to me. My world is based on Power within and Power with, meaning knowing we are sacred and holy and we are meant to be here together in Peace and Faith and Confidence!!! Bless us all as we live our best lives now and always!!!