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2021: Heretics & Heroes:
Part IV of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's always an amazing adventure to see what feelings and ideas come up for me as I prepare my next article to share with you. There's so much going on in the world today and one of the most horrific incidents I read about yesterday was about the horrific racist violence exacted on a 4 year old Black boy who was reprimanded in his school for wearing braids. A child's hair style has no business being part of a school's policy. Schools are supposed to educate and protect not shame and humiliate. That means a great deal to me because I have been an educator on many levels for much of my life and I still am teaching and offering classes and workshops on personal empowerment and spiritual community leadership development. Integrity and Kindness and Compassion mean everything to me. These qualities are Expressions of our God Self, our true Nature, the very Essence of who we are as human beings. I have posed the question countless times: what legacy do we want to be and leave in the world? Our words and feelings and actions matter. Living that Truth is more important now than it has ever been with all that is going on in our world. It matters to me what difference I make because I recognize and care about the impact I AM making. I have also said countless times that is our very Purpose in Life to recognize and value who we are and the difference we are making!!!

Another thing that is so important is our weather. It has been so gray and rainy for days and days here in the Midwest and that grayness has such a huge impact on our emotional and physical and mental well-being. Thankfully the sun is out already today and it's bright and beautiful and I AM so very grateful that it is shining today. I have heard people say how much it impacts them when it is cloudy day after know and I certainly understand that and care about that because it impacts how we feel and how we act and that very much matters to say the least.

Another thing I have read about recently is these super brilliant children in the world even as young as four years old or seven years old who can identify every country in the world by looking at the picture of the country or who can identify every element of the periodic table. Two other young people I greatly admire and respect are Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai. Greta's passion is climate control and Malala's passion is education opportunities for girls. Both of these efforts take so much Courage and are so very needed in the world and I AM certainly grateful for their efforts and I AM helping in these areas in every way I can. Every effort any one of us makes is important and makes a difference in our world and we certainly need more people stepping into their Power within to make a positive difference in our world.

Another thing I have said and written about countless times is the Power of Gratitude. Gratitude is just one of the Expressions of our Awareness of who we are as Spirit Incarnate and Gratitude makes such an enormous difference on every area of our Well-Being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Gratitude is an Expression of Peace and Faith and Confidence. I love these qualities and I know expressing these qualities is the doorway to Happiness and Compassion and Understanding. I have joked with some of my buddies sometimes that expressing these qualities sure makes Life easier and I certainly know it does and I have felt the difference countless times and I intend to feel it many more times J.

Years ago one of my very dearest friends told me there is a lesson and a blessing in every moment and I certainly know the Truth of her statement. I believe they are inseparable. If I AM willing to expand my Awareness in each moment I will see and feel the blessing in every moment. I will know that I AM not separate from my Good. Living in that Awareness is a huge blessing and indeed makes Life a great Joy filled with Faith, Confidence and Peace. I know that is our Purpose and it is certainly my Intention to live in and from that Awareness in every way I can.

As I go forward into 2021 I AM so grateful that Spring is here and Summer is coming. I look forward to the Sunshine and the Beauty of all of Mother Nature's plants and flowers and the green of the ground and the trees. I love sitting out in Nature even sitting in my car in Peaceful quiet areas when it's too cold to be outside. I spend hours and hours in my car every day enjoying the Beauty of Mother Nature. It brings me such Peace to be outside as much as possible.

As we all go forward into 2021 I know we have so many lessons to learn about our interconnectedness and so many blessings to experience as we open our hearts and minds to the blessings within us and all around us. I know we are Expressions of the Good we are and as we expand our Awareness of that Truth we will bring Peace into the world and It is most certainly needed!!!! Peace will come as we realize the Truth that Happiness comes from knowing we are inherently Good. That is not what so many of us have been taught but as I have said countless times it is nonetheless the Truth. Power doesn't mean power over someone. That is a fear based hate based separation based lie. Power means we are inherently Good and we are here to be Peace in the world. There are so many awesomely wonderful people in the world expressing this Truth and being the Expressions of Love and Generosity that are our very Nature and I look forward to 2021 unfolding and all the lessons and blessings that are coming into being now and always. I wish us all the very best as we go forward in expressing my favorite qualities of Peace and Faith and Confidence. Bless you now and always as you go forward expressing your very best Self as you give your Gifts to the world as you express the Joy and Peace that are your very Nature!!!!