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2021: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VII of XII

by Cathy Combs


What a day. I went to a wonderful meeting yesterday and today I feel like I could jump over the Moon. Yesterday we celebrated the relaunch of my sister, Vicky, and her private practice and the teachings of Alcazar and tuning into and expressing our Superconsciousness. It's always amazing how similar teachings are that our coming from expressing our Wholeness. It's very inspiring. Her Facebook page is The Ancient Wisdom.

What I also love is how similar this all is to the Power of Balance and the Balance of Power which in different ways I've been writing about for years. This season is a perfect example of that. We just celebrated the Summer Solstice a few days ago celebrating the official beginning of our Summer season and it's always amazing to me the up and down Nature of this season, some days blazing hot and some days torrential rain as Mother Nature moves through all the changes happening in Her atmosphere. These changes mirror the changes happening in our own lives day to day and moment to moment and our Purpose is to be aware of and express the Power of Balance and the Balance of Power as we continue to live from the Awareness that we are Spirit in Expression and we are sacred and holy. When we live from that integrated Awareness we handle each situation and each moment with Peace and Wisdom and Clarity and we go forward in a Consciousness of Peace and Faith and Confidence that uplifts and strengthens us in every needed way now and always. To say the very least this is a Powerful way to live and fills our lives with Joy and Wonder and Happiness that seems endless!!! I certainly love being in that state of Consciousness and I love teaching others how to bring that state of Joy and Wonder and Happiness into their own lives from within themselves where It is always available!!!!!

It's rather hilarious that it is mostly a cloudy day outside and yet it seems sooooo bright and awesome. I know that is simply because I AM soooo tuned into the Brightness I AM and I AM sooooo very grateful!!! It is also hilarious to listen to all the people prematurely celebrating Independence Day and firing off all the firecrackers even when they're doing it at 11pm which I sometimes find annoying. That process is a fascinating example of the lesson of let it be!!! They're doing what they're doing and I'm doing what I'm doing.

Another amazing moment in time now is the Olympic trials and the journey of all the athletes spending years and years and hours and hours in training trying to make the Olympic team and sometimes in 11 seconds their opportunity seems to be gone if they don't qualify for the event they were training for. That can certainly be heartbreaking or it can be simply the opportunity to try again and learn what they need to do better. It takes great Courage and Confidence to face our so called defeats and staying committed to knowing that tomorrow is a new day and we can always try again and to never give up!!!

As I go forward into the second half of 2021 I know it is certainly going to be an amazing and interesting journey. There are always innumerable lessons to be learned and blessings to be received from staying connected to our Power Within and doing and saying what needs to be done and said in a Spirit of Compassion and Understanding. That's how we express our Interconnectedness and that's how Peace comes forward into our world. I have said that a gazillion times in sooo many ways and it is soooo important to honor that Truth and live from that Truth. It makes Life sooooo much easier when we are willing to do that and willing to learn how to do that!!! That Awareness is always within us if we will just be willing to open to that Truth that is already and always within us!!!

As I have also said a gazillion times sooooo many of us have grown up in an atmosphere that says we are unworthy, that we are worthless and that is a flat out fear-based lie trying to scare us and control us and keep us quiet so that those who think they are in power over us can continue to express their hatred and their disconnection from their own True Self that they aren't even aware of!!! There are soooooo many examples of people who have grown up in horrific abuse situations and they have completely transformed their lives and are an enormous blessing in the world. These examples are all around us and very visible in the world if we will just choose to see them and transform our own lives so that we can live in and from the Spirit of Peace and Joy that we truly are!!!

As you go forward into this last half of 2021 what blessings do you want to be and what blessings do you want to receive? Nothing is impossible when you stay connected in heart and mind to the Integrity and Wholeness and Beauty that you are. All the Courage and Confidence you need is already and always within you and It will come forward as you use It in each moment day by day and moment by moment. I look forward to traveling this journey with you. On a playful note part of my journey is to become more and more of a tech geek which I certainly am not at this time but I love learning and I love being on the computer and having this wonderful channel to connect with sooooo many millions and billions of people.

The sad flip side of that is how many people intentionally use this beautiful example of communication to defraud and destroy others and not realizing what damage they are doing to themselves. That is yet again our opportunity to educate and protect ourselves so we cannot be taken advantage of in this way and we can stay in a Spirit of Peace and Compassion and Awareness knowing we would never do that to ourselves or anyone else!!!!!

I wish you all the very best as we all go forward in a Spirit of Peace and Faith and Confidence, three of my favorite spiritual Gifts, to be the blessings we are meant to be and to express and share the Gifts of Joy and Happiness and Faith and Understanding with all we meet and all people everywhere knowing that the Energy we send out comes back to us multiplied many, many times over!!!! I think that's a Spiritual Principle that many people don't understand and if they did they would choose to live their lives differently!!!

I'll close this sharing acknowledging Whitney Houston's beautiful song One Moment In Time. I can certainly remember a zillion moments in time that changed my Life forever and I'm sure you have had that experience too where totally unexpected blessings came into your Life to help create who you are today. It just takes one moment to change our Lives in innumerable ways and it is up to us to recognize and honor that and to honor ourselves and to ask for help when we need it. Part of our Wholeness is to recognize that asking for help is not a negative. It is a huge blessing to us and to the person we are asking because it is an Expression and Honoring of our Interconnectedness!!!! Bless us all as we go forward together Expressing our Spirit of True Love and Peace and Grace and Understanding!!!!!