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2021: Heretics & Heroes:
Part VIII of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a beautiful sunny windy day here as I begin to share my thoughts and feelings with you yet again. I am soooo very grateful for all the people I know who are standing up and saying I will not live a life of fear. I will not be dominated by a fear based managerial style in any way shape or form. It is soooo very important that we see ourselves clearly and we live from our true Self Identity as Spirit Incarnate. Spirit Incarnate is a Love based connectedness and Expression of our True Self. We are guided by Awareness, Compassion, Love, Wisdom, and Understanding. All of these Spirit based qualities are Expressions of our true Identity. These Spirit based qualities are the bedrock of thriving interconnected communities of every kind.

I AM so very aware of the Power of being seen and the Power of speaking up when we see and hear any lies being spoken. If we don't speak up the lies become our reality and that is massively destructive to any sense of community, interconnectedness and trust. Community is based on Self Love and Understanding. From that sense of Wholeness we go forward in a Spirit of Peace and Faith and Confidence. I have said this Truth a jillion times in my writing and in my conversations. We start from within loving and understanding ourselves and by doing so we are expressing our true Identity. There is no fear. There is no sense of separation. We are Calm, Confident, and Respectful, open and receptive to the Love and Wisdom that is our very Nature. Any sense of self hatred is released as we realize that is not our true Identity. As I also have said a jillion times we live in such a hate based fear based world it takes a great deal of Courage and Confidence to release the self hatred and recognize it for the lie it is. We are Love and Peace and Wisdom Incarnate and our very Purpose on Earth is to recognize and realize that Truth in our lives. That is why we are here and when we recognize and realize that Truth we are immeasurable blessings to ourselves and each other and we are immeasurably blessed in return. I have seen this Truth played out time and again in some of the sweetest kindest unexpected ways and it proves that we are seen and what we are expressing and doing matters. Something as seemingly simple as walking down the street smiling and people see the smile and say how beautiful it is. I have had that happen so many times and it is a sweet simple powerful way to bless our lives and to bless others and establish a sense of community that is so very important. Another example is the Power of asking for help when we need it. This is a Powerful community building process and it is totally put down in a fear-based world saying we are supposed to do everything ourselves and asking for help is a sign of weakness. This is another lie we need to disregard if we are going to create a world of Love and Peace and Understanding for ourselves and others. This is what I have dedicated my Life to all my Life. I love myself and I want to help others in every way possible to love themselves and release the lie that says we're not good enough. Our very Nature is Goodness and Kindness and when we live that Truth we change the world now and always!!!

Another thing that means soooo very much to me is the blatant examples of sexism and racism and the people who are standing up and saying no to that blatant example of separation. An example is the women participating in Olympic events who are now refusing to wear those insulting leotards and the people who are stepping up to pay their fines when they wear a more respectful piece of clothing. Each time we step up and say no to attitudes and actions that shouldn't be happening we are changing the world for the better and it is certainly sooooo very needed today. We are influencing and preparing the leaders of tomorrow by what we say, do, think, and feel today. Our young people see us and we are seen by everyone and it is soooo very important that we see clearly and we are seen clearly. We cannot judge a book by its cover. An example of this Truth that I have mentioned before is Stephen Hawking who was so physically compromised by ALS he couldn't do anything for himself and yet he was one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists in the world.

As we go forward into the last third of 2021 it will certainly be interesting to see what happens in soooo many ways. What contributions will we individually and collectively make? In what ways will our governments change? In what ways will we change our governments by doing and saying what needs to be done and said? How will we show up to make the difference in the world that needs to be made? That Spirit of activeness brings such Vitality into our lives. That's the Spirit of Presence and Awareness and Attention that uplifts and strengthens us in every needed way. One thing that makes a difference to me is honoring and appreciating people who are different than I am and I'm going to do that today by celebrating Black Restaurant week in my hometown. I've been to the Black owned restaurant before and they are so kind and welcoming and I want to celebrate their special week with them. Any act of kindness is soooo meaningful to me and brings such a special feeling of warmth into our lives and that is the kind of action that I always want to be expressing. It makes such a difference!!!

As I have said before it is also so very important that we have Balance in our lives. We need to get enough rest to stay happy and healthy. We need to eat well. We need to release anything that no longer serves our very highest Good. All of this takes Courage and Awareness and Understanding. One activity that is soooo Powerful is paying attention to our breathing. If we're hyperventilating we are perhaps going too fast or we are feeling anxious and afraid. We can stop all that by taking a few deep breaths, by thinking and saying reaffirming thoughts and words and feelings. When we do that we are focused calmly and confidently in the present and in the Presence we are!! We have released all doubt and fear and opened to the Beauty and Strength we are. That is yet another way we bring soooo much Peace and Happiness and Connectedness into our world. Bless us all as we go forward into the last third of 2021 doing and saying what is ours to do and say to be the blessings we are always meant to be. I wish you the very best as you go forward to be and live the dream you are meant to be and live and I will certainly be doing the best I can be and do!!! As I have playfully said to my buddies it works better that way and I have certainly experienced that in my Life so very many times. When we expect the best we get the best. We are not daunted by challenges that come along. We move through them because we are Peace and Faith and Confidence in Expression. This Truth is the guideline of my Life now and always. It has served me well and I know It always will. It will serve you well too!!!