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2021: Heretics & Heroes:
Part IX of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a gorgeous sunny windy day as I look out my window and begin to share my feelings and thoughts with you yet again. To say the very least there is sooooo much going on and it so very much matters how we deal with it all. I Am Aware like never before of the Power of emotional intelligence. It sooooo very much matters in every detail and moment of our lives. Being emotionally intelligent means we are consciously connected with our inherent worth and dignity. Out of this Consciousness comes Self Love, Understanding, Wisdom, Compassion and all the Gifts of our Spiritual Awareness of who we are as Spirit Incarnate expressing in this physical world. I've shared this Truth over and over again for years and it never ceases to amaze me how important it is to be emotionally intelligent. It is the bedrock of Happiness, Compassion, Love, Wisdom and Understanding, all the Gifts that make our lives sooooo very transformative and transcendent.

We are moving into Fall, my favorite season with all the beautiful colors of Mother Nature's vibrant Universe. The weather is getting milder as we move out of the 100+ heat index days which I am playfully happy to leave behind. I am sooooo mindful of the massive poverty in the world and all the people living in mud huts with no access to clean water or protection from the heat and cold wherever they are. It's mindboggling the massive disparity between the so called rich and the people who have hardly any material wealth and yet I've seen pictures and stories of these people with seemingly nothing and yet the vibrant smiles and Spirit they express is soooooo beautiful to witness. It is a Powerful reminder yet again of not what we have in the outer but who we are in the inner Reality!!!

As we move forward in 2021 it means soooooo very much to me to consciously work toward our conscious Awareness of our interconnectedness. No matter who we are or where we are we are intricately interconnected. Every feeling, thought, word and action matters. Every feeling, thought, word and action has a transformative effect on our world for better or for worse. That is why it is soooo very important to honor who we are and to realize that true Power is Love in Action. Anything less than Love is an expression of our disconnectedness from who we really are and the consequences are massive. We all have been hurt in our lives. Our Purpose is to work through the hurt and release it so we can receive the benefit that is there. I have shared this Truth many times from a very dear friend who once said to me there is a blessing and a lesson in every moment. I do believe and understand that with all my heart. When we are hurt it is soooo very important to breathe and relax and release and listen to our Highest Self and express Compassion and Understanding in the moment!!! That's how we heal ourselves and others and go forward working together in Peace and Faith and Confidence expressing and receiving our very highest and holiest Good in each moment.

As I go forward into this day I Am sooooooo very grateful for all the blessings in my Life and so very Aware of the Power of Gratitude. Gratitude exponentially expands the blessings we receive. I've seen and experienced that Truth countless times and that too never ceases to amaze me. I Am soooo very grateful for the Peace and Faith and Confidence that are sooooo much a part of my Life. These qualities are within all of us. They are Expressions of our very Nature and our Purpose in Life is to allow them to come forth as we consciously Appreciate and Respect who we truly are!!! It's a Lifelong effort to stay Conscious of who we truly are and to fully realize that fear is not our identity. Fear is a calling card to remind us we are disconnected from our Self Worth and our True Identity. We need to stop, relax and pay attention in the moment, breathe and listen and go forward as we reconnect with the Divine Presence we are now and always. That's quite a journey because there seems to be soooo many people and sooooo much news saying we're not Worthy that's another calling card reminding us to listen to our Inner Presence not the lies seeking to control us and push us off course. We must realize that many, many people are not connected to their True Self and they don't even realize it. That's where our Compassion and Wisdom and Understanding come into play so we can stay connected to our True Self and be the blessing we are meant to be in this precious world we live in each moment.

As 2021 unfolds personally and collectively it will be soooo very interesting to feel and see how we all go forward. There is soooooo much work to do in sooooooo many ways and I know that blessings and lessons abound. That almost makes me laugh to see and feel how exponentially huge the Universe is and what we do and do not yet know about this amazing world that we share with sooooo many others. Things change sooooooo fast it reminds me of how very important it is to be aware of where we are and what we are doing. One very, very important example is paying attention to the way we drive. I have seen sooooo many examples of people driving sooooo fast and yet they are obviously texting on their phone and not paying attention and the consequences are often horrific and deadly. It's a huge lesson in being Present in the moment.

I AM also very aware of the massive kindness expressing in the world. It means sooooo very much to me to acknowledge people as I AM passing by them and nodding and smiling and greeting them. It's such a sweet blessing in the moment when they acknowledge me first. It's also a huge surprise when people just stare at me or I see them stare at someone else when they are being acknowledged. That's a sad expression of how troubled and preoccupied they are and it's my opportunity to silently send them a blessing. That is yet another way we bring Peace into the world and it's sooooo very important and Life changing to do that every chance we get.

As I get ready to go out into this day I look forward to finding a place in the shade like I usually do to enjoy the quiet and the Beauty of Mother Nature. I love being outside in Mother Nature's expansive Beauty and all the colors I see. It's sooooo calming and relaxing and enjoyable to be out and about enjoying the blessings in each moment. I'm sooooo very grateful for all I AM and all I have and I look forward to the blessings and lessons in each moment. There's no shortage of either one J

Blessings to you and all of us as we go forward in a growing Awareness and Expression of Love and Peace and Faith and Confidence to be the blessings we are meant to be now and always in this precious world we share together!!! Take care!!!!!