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2021: Heretics & Heroes:
Part X of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's my favorite day of the year Fall Equinox as I begin this sharing with you yet again. It's a gorgeous sunny mild day here as I look out the window on Mother Nature's bright sun and gorgeous green grass and trees all soooo very beautiful. I also love watching all the colors as they change to the gorgeous vibrant orange, yellow, pink and purple that characterize our Fall season here. It's been quite an adventure navigating the challenges of the day and being open to the blessings of the day but that's a reminder of the Truth of the saying the only constant is change and it calls us to be heart centered and Peace filled.

We've already had a hint of what our winter season might be like compared to the blazing hot days we've had recently and I read that we're supposed to have a very cold winter and that always reminds me of the thousands and thousands of homeless people and how very blessed I AM not to be dealing with that. I support as many agencies as I can to try and help people navigate whatever issues they're dealing with in any given moment.

I've had a hugely important deeply embodied realization recently about the connection between compassion and emotional intelligence and that you can't have one without the other. Emotional intelligence is simply a deeply heart centered understanding not just an intellectual understanding but a heart centered feeling based compassion for whatever we might be dealing with or what someone else might be dealing with at any time. Emotional intelligence is the key to a happy, peaceful, empowered Life and it means the world to me to stay in tune with this feeling based intelligence.

It's sooo very sad to see and hear all the fear based hated based incidents going on in our world and it makes me very mindful that I want no part in bringing any of that into the world. I have always been deeply committed to kindness and compassion and helpfulness. Those actions and attitudes bring great Joy and Peace into my Life and I know these attitudes and actions bring great blessings into the world for me and for everyone and that's what Life is all about to me.

As I've said many times before we don't necessarily know what is going to happen from one moment to the next but being heart centered allows an amazing sense of intuitive awareness and it always makes me laugh to see how often I think of someone and almost the very next moment I see them or I hear from them. That's how interconnected we all are if we are awake to that Truth in our Life.

Next month we are celebrating Thanksgiving and as I've said many times before that is not just a once a year day. Thanksgiving is an attitude of celebration and connection with the true Spirit of who we are as Spirit embodied in the physical. The more thankful we are in each moment the more blessed our lives will always be and I AM so very glad that I know this Truth as well as I do.

I have to laugh as I say that as we head toward winter, my least favorite season of the year, as daylight gets shorter and the temperature gets sooo much colder but it's the perfect opportunity to practice what I'm saying here about finding and celebrating the blessings in each moment because they certainly are present if I AM open to seeing them.

As we go forward into the next month and the next year I AM reminded that every moment is new and when I don't feel that it is my clue that I'm living in the past and I haven't made my way all the way through whatever moments I feel down about so it is my opportunity to tune into the present and the Presence I AM and listen for the message of what I need to do to be open to the Presence and Power I AM. Release is a very Powerful spiritual practice. Let go of whatever no longer serves my very highest Good and be open to the Newness that is always within and around us. That attitude allows us to be the blessing we are meant to be and to receive the blessings we are meant to receive now and always. Release is a Forgiveness practice and it allows us to be the highest and best Expression of who we are and when we are willing and able to do this we are a blessing to ourselves and all others and we become huge change agents in the world and that also is who we are meant to be now and always.

As I go forward each day I want to be more and more connected with the Compassion and Understanding that are the Expressions of my highest holiest Self. I know I AM a blessing in the world and I want to be more and more of that each moment. People mean the world to me and I know soooo many people who are hurt and suffering and I want to help them move through whatever they are dealing with so we can bring Happiness and Peace into each moment individually and collectively. I truly know that is our Purpose now and always.

As you go forward into each moment I certainly wish you the very best of the limitless blessings that are available to all of us if we are open to this Truth. We are not our past. We can always change for the better. It certainly takes Consciousness and Confidence to move forward and we are all capable of doing that and that Truth is the Centeredness of Self Compassion and Awareness. I give thanks for this Truth as I go forward with you to be the best I can be and to see the best that you can be as well. What a wonderful world we will create individually and collectively as we are willing to work together to bring forth Peace, and Faith and Harmony and Kindness and all the spiritual Gifts that we truly are now and always.

As I look out my window as I close this sharing with you I AM reminded of the Truth that we all are the Light of the world and what a beautiful Truth that is. As we go forward shining our bright Light there is nothing we cannot accomplish and I certainly look forward to seeing that Truth come into being now and always. Bless you as we all go forward together individually and collectively. Take care!!!